IPS Plate Recognition System

IPS Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

The “IPS ANPR System” is a system of Visual vehicle plate identification.

  • Crafted with the most modern software methods it ensures speed, reliability and safety during the operation.
  • Flexible to adapt each installation needs, it covers from one to ten checkpoints.
  • It can perfectly cooperate with the “IPS Central Point “ as well as the peripheral devices of the system such as entry, exit and payments terminals.
  • It can be installed as a part of the parking management system or autonomously by serving a wide range of applications such as automobile tolls, public or private access control places etc.
  • Recognition accuracy rate comes over 97% of European vehicle registration plates.
  • It provides significant benefits to the management of parking facilities increasing significantly the vehicle entrance security and all other transactions.

It consists of

  • Automatic license plate recognition software.
  • Windows based PC server
  • Analog or Digital Camera