Quality Policy

Quality Policy

IPS's quality policy consists of the availability of high quality products, fully meeting the requirements and expectations of its customers.

IPS, as a manufacturer of automation and information systems, must comply with the national and international regulatory requirements of its industry.

For the construction of the systems, IPS uses raw materials from the largest European companies in the industry.

During the manufacture of its products, our company implements a specific system of management and control of its systems, before the final delivery to the customer.

The achievement of the above is determined through the basic processes of the quality management system (Q.M.S), which defines actions such as:

  • Individual inspections of all raw materials prior to their final application.
  • Functional control of individual materials and parts of the system through special software of our company.
  • Final operation control of the systems, prior to delivery, with controls that tend to simulate the conditions of the final installation.
  • Systematic monitoring of the effectiveness of systems by recording causes of inability, to implement the necessary corrective actions, in order to avoid their recurrence.
  • Monitoring of suppliers' performance, by continuously updating new products and technologies.

Our quality policy has been certified since the beginning of 2010 with a quality management system ISO 9001:2008 with scope Manufacture and marketing of automation and parking systems.