IPS Central Point

IPS Central Point

The “IPS Central Point” is the core of parking system.

It provides online information for the system status and its peripherals, such us  cash availability , current system status , availability of free spaces and other system events.

Recently redesigned uses the latest .NET environment-based software technologies and MS SQL Server database.

Based on Client/Server Architecture it provides easy installation and operation, even from remote workstations.

It consists of PC Server – network equipment as well as the corresponding software.

Management and information terminal

  • It can be installed in one or more PCs on a local or remote (Wan) network.
  • It provides the administrator with real-time data for the system status, current capacity, and other system events.
  • All events or error messages are saved in the central database for further processing.

Manage permanent customers

  • Management of long term clients of the parking lot.
  • Management parking periods for every client and their vehicles.
  • Ability of registration of the parking period for each vehicle separately.
  • Ability of massive registration of vehicles for the same parking period.

Management of pricing policy

  • The system gives the possibility to the administrator to set different time zones per day.
  • Definition of multiple price lists for each day or week periods.

Auxiliary applications 

  • Managing files and delete old data.
  • Utility for searching previous records from the central database (payments - events, etc.)
  • Real time printing of incoming - outgoing vehicles.
  • Financial print-outs.